Our Story

Genacol is the story of a visionary entrepreneur who wanted to share with the world an innovative ingredient that had changed his life.

That was in 1995. Guy Michaud, father of three boys, is struggling with severe osteoarthritis affecting both of his knees. Suffering from intense pain that limits him in all his daily activities, he resorts to wearing orthotics and has to consider the spectre of surgery to replace his knees.

For Guy, it was inconceivable that he should just accept this fate at the age of 36. That’s when a friend suggested he try a collagen supplement to relieve his joint pain. Having nothing to lose, he decides to try it. As the weeks go by, his condition improves. He experiences less and less pain, and regains the mobility he thought he’d never have again. After a few months, he can finally get rid of his orthotics!

Guy Michaud wants to help other people with osteoarthritis get the same extraordinary results he did. Together with a laboratory, he works to create a unique collagen that is easily assimilated, which is now the AminoLock Collagen, and founds Genacol in 2000.


Genacol, makes me feel so good… since 20 years!

Time has passed since Guy Michaud launched the company in Blainville two decades ago. Today, the Quebec family business operates in some 40 countries and has successfully positioned itself as a leader in natural products for the relief of joint pain. While there are many other solutions on the market, Genacol has proven its worth, and its name is now synonymous with quality, here and abroad.

Guy Michaud’s three sons, Frédérick, Maxime and Alexandre, will take over the company, with Martin Vidal as president and mentor for the transition. For this second generation, pursuing growth at home and abroad means, first of all, maintaining the foundations that have made the company successful.


« We are continuing research and working on new products, while keeping the focus on joint pain. Diversifying, but always with a focus that is clear for the customer. If we try to diversify too much, we risk losing our raison d’être », explains Alexandre Michaud.

Genacol is the story of a local family business that wants to continue to help people stay active longer with high-quality, effective and safe natural products that improve their joint health and well-being.