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Thanks to AminoLock Collagen and Natural Soluble Eggshell Membrane. Watch the video to learn more about Genacol Pain Relief!

Why Genacol Pain Relief is a natural health product so effective?

Collagène Aminolock


Genacol exclusive AminoLock Collagen helps to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Its effectiveness in relieving joint pain has been scientifically proven in three independent clinical studies.

As AminoLock Collagen peptides are smaller than other standard collagen molecules, at less than 1 kilodalton, they are easier to absorb therefore provides better results for joint health.

Membrane de Coquille d’Oeuf Soluble

Natural Soluble Eggshell Membrane

The Natural Soluble Eggshell Membrane reduces inflammation and stiffness and improves joint mobility and flexibility. It contains, among others, halyuronic acid, glucosamine and elastin, all natural ingredients beneficial for the joints.

Plus, because it’s water-soluble and more bioavailable to the body, it works faster than other Natural Eggshell Membrane products available on the market, providing benefits in less than 5 days!

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Genacol Pain Relief is your natural and lasting solution to reduce joint pain!