Since 2000, Genacol’s mission is to see our customers age healthily and stay active longer. This is why we are commited to providing safe, natural and reliable products for joint health. Here are some extremely valuable testimonials from our customers. They demonstrate the positive impact of Genacol products in their lives.

Marianne Daudelin

About ten years ago, my doctor, before retiring, told me that my knee pain and my difficulties in walking and kneeling would be solved with operations. Not wanting to undergo invasive surgery, I remembered an advertising including Mr. Cournoyer about the success of Genacol. So I tried the products and almost a year later, on a trip in Gaspesie, I was on my knees picking up shells when I realized that I could do it without difficulty and especially without pain. I thank you for this product and the relief it provides me.

Teresa McAran

Genacol Anti-Inflammatory is amazing. I have taken this since April 4th 2019. I have rheumatiod arthritis (for 23 years) and since taking this product my joint pains are all gone! Of course I still take plaquenil and i also take omega 3 but your product has really changed my life! I now exercise much more then before and a higher intensity . The only pain now is good muscle building pain not in my joints… Thank you so much !

Emmanuel Auger

I began to train seriously one year ago and I felt a lot of joint pain. A friend told me, “Why don’t you try Genacol? I thought, “Genacol … it’s a product for the elderly!” Having a lot of pain, I tried Genacol Optimum and it changed my life! I can train as hard if not more than before and without feeling any pain. I encourage everyone to try Genacol products.

Yvan Cournoyer

(Legend of the Canadian Hockey – Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame ) I use Genacol® Original Formula since 2004. Having a knee injury that required surgery, I was able to continue carry my activities without difficulties. Finally., I had to go through the surgery. I can say that Genacol makes my recovery easier.

Stephane Lapointe

Struggling with severe joint pain and very pronounced movement limitations, I tried Genacol Pain Relief without really believing it … Just 4 days later, I was able to make sweeping movements with my shoulders and pain was almost completely gone! Genacol, it works!

Mireille Tremblay

Convinced by a loved one, I decided “without much conviction” to try Genacol Plus for my arthritis pain. I was surprised that after 7 or 8 days, my foot was no longer painful as before and the swelling caused by the inflammation had disappeared. In addition, my elbow tendinitis has also disappeared. Thank you Genacol.

Lise Taillon

I am 69 years old and I suffer a lot from osteoarthritis. I even walked with a cane all the autumn. I took anti-inflammatory drugs and it really hurt my stomach. I tried Genacol Anti-Inflammatory. After 2 weeks, I was able to stop them … and when I have more sensitive points, I use Genacol Instant … thank you Genacol!

D Barakatt

In July, I was so aching that just getting out of bed was a struggle. My wife suggested Genacol. Believe it or not, in the week changes were felt… so much so that this fall I was well enough that I demolished our in-ground pool … I never could have afforded this work!

Isabelle Boissonneault Gilbert

I have been using Genacol Optimum for 3 months now and I simply can’t live without it! This product is incredible for my joints. I feel so good on a daily basis and I can do all my normal activities without pain. Thank you Genacol.

Diane Boisvert

Since few months, I have used Genacol for my ankles and I have seen a real reduction in pain caused by osteoarthritis and multiple sprains over the years. I notice improvement especially when I walk miles every day during a travel. Thank you Genacol.

Daniel Romain

Canadian friends made me discover Genacol. I am 63 years old from Noiseux in Belgium. Genacol has erased knee and ankle pain. Pain caused by accidents during my military career!

Flechelle Morin

Following a car accident, I had constant pain for 5 years. My mother suggested me to try Genacol and I had positive results in less than 6 weeks. I was very surprised of the pain reduction. No other product that I tried has work as well as Genacol.

Louis Cote

I tore the scapular muscle of my right arm at 100% and the pain was unbearable. I tried all painkillers and nothing worked well. Then, I discovered Genacol Optimum. Now, I have days whitout pain and complete night of sleep.

Catherine Royet

Genacol Optimum is like a miracle for me. No more anti-inflammatory medication and the discomforts that comes with it! I use to walk only 10-12 minutes a day, with pain. Since I use Genacol, I can now jog 5 km per day WITHOUT PAIN !!! Thank you Genacol!

Carolyn Desjardins

Suffering from multiple sclerosis, I finally found a product that helps me regain some mobility. I have been using Genacol Bone & Joint recently and my right leg mobility has improved. Thanks to Genacol, my joint pain is reduced.

Helene Leblanc

I take Genacol Optimum and I feel relief of the inflammation caused by the osteoarthritis that I have on my back and the hands. I notice a marked improvement in the flexibility of my joints. I am (a young) retired and no question of being inactive! Really, try Genacol products, you will feel the difference.